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Fishing Cat Ponds

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Fishing Cat Rehab CenterUpdate from Dr. Sanderson:

I just returned from a visit to Sri Lanka.

Fishing Cat Rehab Center

Attached see pics of our road signs, and the rehab enclosure we built. It has two residents. We buy the materials, the land belongs to government, and the army builds it according to our drawings, at no cost to us. They also pay for half the food costs.

Fishing Cat Rehab Center

The cats love the running water as you can see. When we turned the pump on both cats ran from the box and onto the top of the waterfall.

Fishing Cat Rehab Center

One cat who had been snared, had severed the tendons in a rear leg, but still can make it to the top.

Fishing Cat Rehab Center

And he can still catch fish.

A rusty-spotted cat came in and had to have its leg amputated. We now need another $4,000.00 USD to build a similar enclosure for rusty-spotted cats. He is currently at the vet, and was destined to be sent to a terrible zoo.

Instead, Ashan Thudugala is already designing the dual enclosure. I don’t think this enclosure will need a pool or waterfall but its hard to imagine any cat in Sri Lanka avoiding water.

Next week an International film crew will be filming the fishing cats at the center.

Thanks for all your help.

Jim Sanderson, Ph.D.
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“As far as I know this is the best fishing cat enclosure in south Asia which has more space, cages, pond with live fish and a waterfall. Currently we have two fishing cats in the cage and we already released two wounded cats after treating.

But as Jim said, we plan to build a another cage for rusty spotted cats at the same place. Thank you again.

Best regards,  Ashan Thudugala

Thanking Fishing Cat Donors

A million thanks to all those, who supported the work of our members!


Anya & Maalu Fishing Cat Story

Anya & Maalu’s Fishing Cat Story

It was a Friday. A very boring Friday. Well, at least I think it was a Friday… Either way, it was a dull day. I was doing my usual annoy the dogs routine when I got a call.

A call about a fishing cat.

At first, the call was just boring old work stuff, and I think the topic of the cat just happened to pop up. It may have been a phone call about work, but then Maalu, being the sneaky devil that he was, quietly slipped into the conversation.

“Ade, guess what? We are looking after an orphaned fishing cat.”

“A what now?” At the time I was researching leopards, and knew very little about fishing cats.

“A fishing cat. Your uncle did a study on them 6 years ago. Come see it.”

Of course at this point the only thing that I could think of was OH MY GOODNESS I HAVE TO SEE THIS THING NOW!!! But I calmly said yup would love to, and got off the phone – I couldn’t really start squealing like a little kid who was promised a puppy, could I?

The next day I was ready. With my camera in hand, I set out to see this fishing cat. When I got to the location, which the cat called home at the time, I proceeded to tiptoe into the room, and then I saw him.

There he was sitting on the ground, with a soggy fuchsia sock in his mouth. Eyes wide. Paws tucked under. Stubby tail twitching. The only thing that could remotely explain what I thought at that point is perfectly depicted by Agnes from Despicable Me, when she sees the pink and white unicorn at the carnival. Only difference was that I couldn’t grab him and run off.

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Seven new Fishing Cat Signboards

13 August

In Sri Lanka’s Kandy district, Ashan Thudugala and his team placed seven signboards along a road where he had previously recorded several fishing cat road kills. People are asked to drive carefully as fishing cats may cross the road.

Ashan shows more of his photos about the making and putting up of the signboards in his flickr album.


His project titled

“Fishing Cat (Prionailurus viverrinus): Monitoring home range and implementing conservation actions in the Gannoruwa forest”

is supported by the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund.  See more at http://www.fishing-cat.wild-cat.org/

South Asia’s forgotten wildcat needs our help

Dear friends of the rainforests,

Often overlooked in the shadow of its larger cousin, the tiger, the fishing cat is feeling the heat. Humans are closing in on its habitat, draining and polluting marshland and clearing the mangrove forests it needs for survival.

Poachers hunt the cats with relative impunity while local officials seem oblivious to their endangered status. Ajith Kumar of India’s National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) warns: “If killing continues like this, the species would become extinct very soon.”

Please tell the West Bengal Forest Department to set up a dedicated Fishing Cat Protection Force and prosecute poachers to the full extent of the law.




Thanks for being involved,

Reinhard Behrend
Rainforest Rescue (Rettet den Regenwald e.V.)

Indrajit Adok filmed a fishing cat family at ease — see his little video at www.fishing-cat.wild-cat.org

Thank you all for supporting Tiasa’s petition!! More than 5500 people from 49 countries signed. The fishing cat poachers have been arrested and taken to court on Thursday. West Bengal’s Chief Wildlife Warden promised to conduct regular awareness campaigns.

And now enjoy Indrajit’s video!!
Fishing Cat Working Group www.fishing-cat.wild-cat.org

Fishing Cat Conference 2015

Fishing Cat Working Group

First International Fishing Cat Conservation Symposium

In association with supported by

and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation


Koshi Bird Observatory, Nepal, 19–22 May 2015

Our Program

Presentations on the first day

  • Fishing Cat distribution and their phylogeography in India by Shomita Mukherjee;
  • Fishing Cat camera trapping efforts in Java by Jim Sanderson;
  • Fishing Cat research and conservation in the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve by Prativa Kaspal;
  • Recent records of Fishing Cat in Thailand and the wider implications for assessing its status elsewhere in SE Asia by Will Duckworth;
  • Where the wild things are … are we looking in the right places? by Manori Gunawardena;
  • Fishing Cat conservation efforts in Kandy District, Sri Lanka by Ashan Thudugala;
  • Radio-collaring Fishing Cats in urban wetlands, Sri Lanka by Anya Ratnayaka;
  • Fishing Cats outside protected areas in the Nepal Terai by Sagar Dahal;
  • Status of the Fishing Cat in the Chitwan National Park by Rama Mishra;
  • Fishing Cat status and conservation in Assam, North-east India by Firoz Ahmed;
  • Challenges of Fishing Cat conservation outside protected areas in West Bengal, India, by Tiasa Adhya;
  • Distribution of Fishing Cats in the Indian Terai Arc Landscape by Meraj Anwar;
  • Status of the Fishing Cat in the Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Nepal by Bidhya Sharma;
  • Captive Fishing Cats in European zoos by Neville Buck;
  • Captive Fishing Cats in North America by Jilian Fazio;
  • Fishing Cat records in Vietnam by Daniel Willcox;
  • Identifying priority sites and conservation actions for the Fishing Cat in Cambodia by Nick Souter and Thaung Ret.

Fishing Cat Conservation Strategy workshop : two days

Field visit to Himalayan Nature’s Fishing Cat conservation project site : one day

Your Support

We highly appreciate YOUR support for expenses, including travel of participants to the venue in south-eastern Nepal, accommodation and food, workshop material, and publication of symposium proceedings. Jim Sanderson kindly offered to collect your tax-deductable donations through the Wildlife Conservation Network. Please select: “Small Cats” in the drop down list.


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Fauna_Andina_Los_CanelosFishing cat project – Establish an organization to help fishing cats throughout the 11 range countries.

Javan fishing cat – The last Javan fishing cat to be seen was killed by a hunter in 1932. Since then it has not been recorded. The recent discovery that the Fishing cat does not exist (and has not existed) in Sumatra makes identifying areas where the Javan fishing cat might exist vital to its conservation.

Want to fund a fishing cat project?  Contact Dr. Jim Sanderson.

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Ashan Thudugla

Fishing Cat KittensA shan Thudugala2 Fishing Cat Kittens Ashan Ashan Thudugala

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Ashan Thudugla Sri Lanka Fishing Cat Study 2014-08

BBC Report on the Quest to Save the Fishing Cat 2014