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Pumas or Cougars

Puma Facts

Fauna_Andina_Los_CanelosPumas are Chile’s most persecuted wild cat. Despite federal laws protecting pumas, local people, fearing the puma for a variety of myths and legends, still mercilessly persecute them.

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Puma Species Spotlight

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lions are persecuted throughout their range by sport hunters. The best way to end animal abuse is to expose it. These articles are curated so that it is easy for people to find the information and to add their voices to the conversations to protect all cougars, pumas, panthers and mountain lions.

mountain lion

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Florida Panther

Protecting the Florida Panther is vital to saving Florida's precious eco system. These are the most recent news stories about Florida Panthers and their fight for survival.

florida panther

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Fishing Cats

Fishing Cat Projects

Fishing Cat Facts

Fauna_Andina_Los_CanelosFishing cat project – Establish an organization to help fishing cats throughout the 11 range countries.

Javan fishing cat – The last Javan fishing cat to be seen was killed by a hunter in 1932. Since then it has not been recorded. The recent discovery that the Fishing cat does not exist (and has not existed) in Sumatra makes identifying areas where the Javan fishing cat might exist vital to its conservation.

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Fishing Cat Threats

Fishing Cat Species Spotlight

Fishing Cat Catching Fish

Ashan Thudugla

Fishing Cat KittensA shan Thudugala2 Fishing Cat Kittens Ashan Ashan Thudugala

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Ashan Thudugla Sri Lanka Fishing Cat Study 2014-08

BBC Report on the Quest to Save the Fishing Cat 2014

Pallas Cats

Pallas Cat Projects

Pallas Cat Facts

Fauna_Andina_Los_CanelosPallas’ cat project in Russia – Determining the geographic distribution and threats to this unique and interesting small wild cat.

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Wild Pallas’ Cat Hunting

Captive Pallas’ Cat Video

Pallas’ Cat in Zoo

Amur Leopard Numbers Rising

Only about 30 Amur leopards were left in 2007, making extinction seem imminent. But thanks to recent conservation efforts, the cats’ population has roughly doubled in just eight years, a new census finds.

Amur Leopard

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Sumatran Projects

Want to fund a small cat project in Sumatra?  Check out the Clouded Leopard, Flat Headed Cat, Golden CatLeopard Cat and Marbled Cat Projects first and then  Contact Dr. Jim Sanderson.

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Tigers Get Most of the Funding



This tiger was in the same area as the small cats we are studying.

Way Kambas – Neil Franklin, Sumatran Tiger Conservation Program

Pampas Cats

Pampas Cat Projects

Pampas Cat Facts

pampas1 Want to fund a pampas cat project?  Contact Dr. Jim Sanderson.

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Cat News from Around the Globe

Big Cat Incidents

These stories include killings, maulings, escapes and wild cat sightings that were most likely captive cats who were set free or who had escaped.

big cat incidents, mauling, tiger attack, tiger escape

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