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2015 Meeting Schedule

The next camera trap data processing workshop will be in Cambodia in March preceding the ATBC meeting.

SWCCF partners with Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund increasing funds available to support conservation efforts dedicated to wild cats.


First International Fishing Cat Conservation Symposium set for Nepal in April, 2015. Help make it happen by donating at the link below. Do so before April 30, 2015 to qualify for a match that doubles your donation.

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Sagar Dahal

Meet Fishing Cat Field Researcher

Sagar Dahal

Sagar Dahal Fishing Cat Researcher

My name is Sagar Dahal. I am from Eastern Tarai of Nepal but live in Kathmandu now. I have a Masters in Zoology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. I am also a co-founder of Small Mammals Conservation and Research Foundation which is a leading organization for the research and conservation of small mammals within Nepal.

I lead the small cats conservation team. My quest of searching for Fishing Cats started when I first live trapped the fishing cat in Chitwan National Park in 2011.

Fishing Cat Chitwan 2011


Recently, my team completed a survey of fishing cats in Jagadispur Reservoir in Kapilvastu and Ghodaghodi lake in Kailali districts. We used camera traps and recorded fishing cat for the first time outside the protected area from four locations of Jagadishpur Reservoir and Banganga river in Kapilvastu district.  In addition to that we also recorded jungle cat in Jagadishpur reservoir.

Fishing Cat Jagadishpur


Unfortunately, we could not record any Fishing Cats in Ghodaghodi lake but we recorded leopard cat. My upcoming plan is to join the missing dots of distribution of fishing cat outside the protected area along the foothills of Chure range in Nepal. I am also looking forward to doing a PhD on ecology and behavior of Fishing Cats of Nepal.

Fishing Cat Banganga River

See his recent post of new Fishing Cat sightings outside of protected areas:

Find Sagar Dahal on Facebook.

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