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Fishing Cat Rehab CenterUpdate from Dr. Sanderson:

I just returned from a visit to Sri Lanka.

Fishing Cat Rehab Center

Attached see pics of our road signs, and the rehab enclosure we built. It has two residents. We buy the materials, the land belongs to government, and the army builds it according to our drawings, at no cost to us. They also pay for half the food costs.

Fishing Cat Rehab Center

The cats love the running water as you can see. When we turned the pump on both cats ran from the box and onto the top of the waterfall.

Fishing Cat Rehab Center

One cat who had been snared, had severed the tendons in a rear leg, but still can make it to the top.

Fishing Cat Rehab Center

And he can still catch fish.

A rusty-spotted cat came in and had to have its leg amputated. We now need another $4,000.00 USD to build a similar enclosure for rusty-spotted cats. He is currently at the vet, and was destined to be sent to a terrible zoo.

Instead, Ashan Thudugala is already designing the dual enclosure. I don’t think this enclosure will need a pool or waterfall but its hard to imagine any cat in Sri Lanka avoiding water.

Next week an International film crew will be filming the fishing cats at the center.

Thanks for all your help.

Jim Sanderson, Ph.D.
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“As far as I know this is the best fishing cat enclosure in south Asia which has more space, cages, pond with live fish and a waterfall. Currently we have two fishing cats in the cage and we already released two wounded cats after treating.

But as Jim said, we plan to build a another cage for rusty spotted cats at the same place. Thank you again.

Best regards,  Ashan Thudugala



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