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andean-mountain-cat-b1The Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation (SWCCF) works with partners and organizations around the world reducing and mitigating threats to small wild cats. SWCCF raises awareness of small wild cats and calls attention to the threats they face.

Fishing CatsIn Sri Lanka SWCCF partner Ashan Thudugala is reducing threats to fishing cats by placing eye-catching road signs calling driver’s attention to the presence of fishing cats, and urging
drivers to slow down. The fishing cat is IUCN Red List Endangered.

SWCCF has teamed with the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund (MbZSCF). Jim is on the review team of the MbZSCF and is responsible for reviewing and recommending all wild cat proposals received by the fund. MbZSCF meets three times to per. SWCCF contributes funds so that more wild cat conservation proposals can be funded. At a recent review MbZSCF awared $36,000 to various wild cat conservation proposals. SWCCF contributed $11,000 of this total.


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