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Neville Buck’s cat pictures are here.  Proceeds go to wild cat conservation.  Want t see the Eurasian lynx re-introduced to the British Isles?

See Wildlife Conservation Network for more information on conservation projects. Cat Action Treasury contains information on cats and funding opportunities.

SCCA thanks the Feline Conservation Federation for their support of small cat conservation projects. The Andean Cat Alliance works to save the Andean cat.

For information on Pumas see The Cougar Network

Click here to learn more about Black-footed cats and here for Bay cats.  You can find Angie Appel’s Leopard anthology here.  Fishing Cat Working Group is here. The Pallas’ Cat Working Group is here.

These places Wild About Cats,  Sierra Endangered Cat Haven, Feline Conservation Center, the Conservator’s Center, and Refugio Animal in Chile keep many species of wild cats. Wild Cat Education and Conservation Fund offers terrific educational programs with live cats and presents at our annual event.

For up-to-date information on carnivores visit Carnivore Conservation.

Jethrow-TullSCCA thanks Jethro Tull for supporting small cat conservation projects.

Be sure to learn more about the Iranian cheetah, Caracal, and Eurasian wildcat see Iranian Cheetah Society. For info on Central America visit PROCat.

To see world-class cat artwork visit  Wild Cats of the World exhibit,  R. Mason Fine Arts and Gamini Ratnavira.

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