Fishing Cat Conference 2015

Fishing Cat Working Group

First International Fishing Cat Conservation Symposium

In association with supported by

and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation


Koshi Bird Observatory, Nepal, 19–22 May 2015

Our Program

Presentations on the first day

  • Fishing Cat distribution and their phylogeography in India by Shomita Mukherjee;
  • Fishing Cat camera trapping efforts in Java by Jim Sanderson;
  • Fishing Cat research and conservation in the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve by Prativa Kaspal;
  • Recent records of Fishing Cat in Thailand and the wider implications for assessing its status elsewhere in SE Asia by Will Duckworth;
  • Where the wild things are … are we looking in the right places? by Manori Gunawardena;
  • Fishing Cat conservation efforts in Kandy District, Sri Lanka by Ashan Thudugala;
  • Radio-collaring Fishing Cats in urban wetlands, Sri Lanka by Anya Ratnayaka;
  • Fishing Cats outside protected areas in the Nepal Terai by Sagar Dahal;
  • Status of the Fishing Cat in the Chitwan National Park by Rama Mishra;
  • Fishing Cat status and conservation in Assam, North-east India by Firoz Ahmed;
  • Challenges of Fishing Cat conservation outside protected areas in West Bengal, India, by Tiasa Adhya;
  • Distribution of Fishing Cats in the Indian Terai Arc Landscape by Meraj Anwar;
  • Status of the Fishing Cat in the Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Nepal by Bidhya Sharma;
  • Captive Fishing Cats in European zoos by Neville Buck;
  • Captive Fishing Cats in North America by Jilian Fazio;
  • Fishing Cat records in Vietnam by Daniel Willcox;
  • Identifying priority sites and conservation actions for the Fishing Cat in Cambodia by Nick Souter and Thaung Ret.

Fishing Cat Conservation Strategy workshop : two days

Field visit to Himalayan Nature’s Fishing Cat conservation project site : one day

Your Support

We highly appreciate YOUR support for expenses, including travel of participants to the venue in south-eastern Nepal, accommodation and food, workshop material, and publication of symposium proceedings. Jim Sanderson kindly offered to collect your tax-deductable donations through the Wildlife Conservation Network. Please select: “Small Cats” in the drop down list.